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M.I.A. Drum & Bass Collective (Murda In America) - Official Website
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To educate, distribute and further the Drum N Bass scene all across the US, by continually promoting, producing and presenting it to the needy masses. Big up!


M.I.A. (Murda In America) is a Drum N Bass collective of rogue Junglists representing all over the US. We were founded in Chicago in 2006 with just over 10 members, and have since grown to more than 60. Every week there is an M.I.A. member throwing down Drum N Bass somewhere in the country, and every year we put on several of our own shows, highlighting the great talent in the crew as well as bringing you big names from across the world. Each year we play multiple shows at the biggest events in the US, including SXSW and WMC Miami and we always come away talk of the town. Keep an eye on the website and our facebook page for all our upcoming shows/tours/events and more!


We have a very talented group of producers amongst us, with decades of combined experience. With very strong ties in Combat Records, we have loads of tracks and an EP currently available, plus a brand new EP in the works and on the lists of some big US talent. You can purchase many of these tracks on beatport, or checkout individual members pages for their soundcloud links.

Combat Records USA


This is our official logo, please use it if you book any of our DJs to play at your show.

Alfonz Delamota - Chicago
MC Questionmark - Chicago
Deejay Quest - Chicago
General Malice - Minneapolis
Vinyl Fatigue - New York
Rifle mc - Chicago
MEGA MIKE - Chicago
Emcee Phase - Texas
MC Tae - Chicago
Subreaper - Boston
Babel - Seattle
4mulate - Florida
Ragga Scum - Texas
KRSP - Kansas City
ZSonic - Kansas City
Grasshoppa - NorCal
DJ OPTX - Texas Sur
SwitchFade - Texas
Krucial D - Texas
JT High - Texas
Kit Likwid - Texas
Unknown Konflikt - Texas
Selekta Steel - Chicago
Sour Diesel - Florida
S-Doobie - Seattle
SixFootUnda - SoCal
FDOT - Boston
Soda - Kansas City
Mizeyesis - North East
Kyng Of Thievez - New York
Elzwerth - Boston
Tasha Tribe Steppaz - Cleveland
360 Degrees - Mississippi
ProppaBear - New Orleans
Recoil - Toronto
Kaspa MC - Minneapolis
MC Brace - Central
Mighty Monkz - South
Rebellion - South West
RePercussion - South East
Contrast - South West
UV - Central
SYQUEST - Central
Sincerious - Central
SEMT3X - South East
Elijah Divine - North East
Eyecue MC - South East
Meszenjah - North East
Jsinn - South East
DJ Construct - South West
Zebo - Central
DJ Rucksa - Central
NLIC - South
SoulStutter - Central
Soular - South East
Havok - South East
Bass Banditz - South East
FiyaFly - Central
Zala - Central
Romance - Central
Ixia - South East
TigerZA - South
Omar Mustafa - South
MC Etiquette - South
Yunglist - South
Kryogenik - South
Claud On Clouds - South
Dj Nuclear Assault - South
MC SPADE ONE - Central
Format - North West
Spiralus - North West
Alcove - Central
Deadboldt - North West
Ruko - North West
Robin Weber - North West
DJ Flipcyde - South
SolJazz - Central
Elesdee - South
OrbitalSky - Central
Professor Funk - North West
MC Hyde - Central