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Claud On Clouds  (Region: - Chapter: South)

Claudio Naranjo also known as Claud On Clouds was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. This is how it all began for this young Junglist. Let us jump back to his early teen years where the Drum & Bass journey through music started. At a very young age, many electronic music influences surrounded him from sounds of Speed Garage, Trance, Breaks, and House to the magnificent genres of Jungle and intelligent DnB music. At the age of 15, he purchased his first pair of Technic turntables and vinyl records where he began to mix and play tunes that soothed his soul. He started discovering the deeper/darker side Jungle music and venturing into the sounds of euphoric liquid DnB. As he dove into Drum & Bass, the love and desire for Djing progressed and eventually he would later be known as Claud On Clouds. The name itself explains it all. Claudio is basically always on the clouds and takes you above ground level with the every set telling you a story in which your ears shall never forget.A year later not having much knowledge of how to mix this young padawan took up his first gig from the man known as “Mighty Monkz”. Being only 16 years old this kid properly packed up his turntables and vinyl records.Claud was ready but little did he know this was just the beginning chapter of his journey. Throughout the next few years Claud has learned more and more and still follows through with his passion for Drum & bass music, it now consumes his mind and soul. He is now pushing the Drum & Bass movement with his Junglist platoon in Texas known as 2Ten Platoon and is affiliated with all Texas DnB crews and regional drum and bass crews to keep vibes and DNB rolling in the USA. He has had the opportunity of opening for legendary acts such as Dj Dara, Pish Posh, John B, Machete, David Owen and much more. Keep your ears peeled because you might just be taken away by the clouds and never comedown!

Claud On Clouds's Mixes