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Elijah Divine  (Region: - Chapter: North East)

Worcester’s MC Elijah Divine is one of the city’s most respected, well-known and versatile hip hop and electronic dance music artists. Divine is a proud native of Central Mass, and after performing for years on the underground circuit and even straying as far away as Hawaii and California, either as a member of a group or as a solo MC, he has become one of the most creative staples of the local musical culture.
Elijah Divine

“Worcester’s Elijah Divine is a MC’s MC, hands down. Armed with a machine gun-like flow and incredible wordplay, Elijah has established himself as one of the top MCs.”

-Brother Menelik Ebna La Hakim

“He has gained respect from both the EDM & Hip Hop communities, as he’s one of the most sought after artists on the music scene today.”

-MizEyesis – MIA

“Worcester’s Elijah Divine’s Uzi-speed, cerebral raps are violent, brutally aggressive and unapologetic, yet tinged with Transcendentalist notions and evolved sensibilities. Though he challenges the listener’s credentials of authenticity with street-tough credos delivered in thick, urban slang and profanity, the message is about community and, overall, a hope shared by all area performers: to grow the scene, and get the locals to support the art form (and the city) he loves.”

-Worcester Magazine

Elijah Divine's Mixes