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General Malice  (Region: Central - Chapter: Minneapolis)

General Malice first began working with guitars, drum machines, synths, and turntables when he was 14. Slowly building his collection of studio gear and fine tuning his production techniques. At first experimenting with every style of music around, it was later the sounds of CRS?, R.A.W., ODG, Phantom 45, and Danny The Wildchild that turned him onto jungle/dnb. Cutting up futuristic beats and bass lines with a hip hop aesthetic, ragga vocals and rnb hooks, the sound was completely unique and destroyed the party anytime it was dropped. Years in the lab had passed and Malice began to distribute a demo cd with 5 tracks (made on an MPC2000) which ended up being sold to N8LOC of legendary N2O fame. The dream was realized and Malice now had a premium outlet for his music. The first dubs pressed were being played exclusively by R.A.W & CRS in the beginning, building a demand for the forthcoming releases on Big Cat Recordings (Japan). Big Cats 1-5 were received to critical acclaim, world-wide distribution, and entered the top ten figures on retailers like satellite records. Releases continued and it was time for a debut record on Los Angeless home of hot burners : N2O. Launch The Attack & Guns Like Mine were smashers that catapulted Malice into new territory, featuring an exclusive voicing by dancehall giant Wayne Marshall. Soon it was time to leave town for the 2003 N2O - Diss Da Program Tour , covering well over 20 dates and thousands of miles in the Navigator. Headlining alongside R.A.W., Capital J, ODG, Dj 3D, Dj K, & Red Army, Malice took the opportunity to make his presence known and drop exclusive dubs left and right. In 2009 Malice joined forces with some of his closest friends and strongest allies from the Midwest, now representing M.I.A Crew DnB DJ's.

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