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Meszenjah  (Region: - Chapter: North East)


Meszenjah (jungle/dnb)
Om Olak (dark psytrance)

Having been in the electronic music scene for over two decades, Kalomo Jordan can be considered a catalyst in connecting likeminded individuals, expanding mind states through his visual and audio art. Starting his career through dance, he began his music collection in 1993 upon acquiring his first pair of turntables. The rest is HISTORY. A pioneer on the forefront of the electronic music scene in CT, Kalomo is the co-founder of Awake Productions, doing event production and playing shows all over the East Coast with artists such as Soulslinger, Liquidsky, Zulu Nation, TC Izlam, Dara and Odi, as well as Mubali and Ajja on the psy side of things. His styles have evolved and expanded into DJing and producing bass driven psychedelic trance, down tempo and chill out, especially upon his affiliation with the loved and respected production team Fractaltribe, MA and Radial Engine Tribe, NY. Kalomo is also associated with Threshold Sound,, a group of DJs and producers with sounds stemming from jungle, drum and bass, dubstep and others.

As a visionary artist, Kalomo molds his visual artwork through his experiences with the human psyche, and his concepts on perception of this world, with science fiction and “futuristic Egyptian” influences. His connection to other realms shows through the information and languages transmitted through his art, focusing on the emotion of “love”, bringing clean and pure images as well as a calm and SECURE mind state to all those who experience his work.

Meszenjah's Mixes