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Mighty Monkz   (Region: - Chapter: South)

... Emmanuel Pineiro aka Gwedo was born in1977 in Brooklyn, NY .
Moving from across the country to different cities through out his childhood, first stop in 1981 was Puerto Rico. There began the journey with music, different types for different states, but always playing in the background in each car ride was salsa from his parents.
In 1993 Emmanuel went to Panama again, and there discovered the DanceHall and Reggae scene. At age 16 he started going to clubs in Panama City. With a full beard asking his age wasn't an issue. At clubs he would watch the DJ's and MC's that would make the whole club move. Motivated he very slowly started to MC at home listening to the music on his boombox.
Attending big shows like "Sound Clash" in Panama with multiple MC's and DJ's all playing the best in Reggae, Plena and DanceHall. In 1997 he left Panama and moved to San Antonio, TX. There experiencing his first EDM Club that summer in '97 "The Cameo". This club was a new world of electronic dance music that changed his whole life.
Linking up with his long time friend Patrick Pena aka "Phatrix", told Emmanuel "Dude you should spin, Jungle and Drum n Bass". From then on he would go over to his place to go and practice DJing. And so began the birth of "Da Monkee".
Buying records at UnderGround Sound in '97, was the start of his addiction to music that was like a Religion.
Playing at multiple Clubs, house parties and Raves, Da Monkee started his own DNB Crew called "RUF NEK QLIK" in '99 which constisted of these talented MC's and DJ's. "Da Monkee, Mur-Ci, Threat, Lacee aka Fresh Til Def, Agent Marst, Harper, Lexxus, Yellow Beard , Wizdumb, and Snaps. Ruf Nek Qlik became the hardest DnB, Reggae Crew in San Antonio.
Da Monkee got to MC and DJ with some well known performers like, Diesel Boy, Phantom 45, Danny the Wildchild, Dara, DB, Ak12oo, DJ Rap, DJ Dan, Feel Good, DJ Craze , Purrin Lion sound Flex Cru, Rebel Crew, Sista Stroke, Spettro, Freaky Flow and Flipside, UFO, Abstrack, 3d, Megalodan,6blocc,Troll Phace,Sadu&Barron,, Loxy and Ink, Donald Glaude, 187,doc MARTIN, ICUE, Soul Slinger, Supa MC TC Islam, Delano and DJ SS, A-SIDES, Spikey Tee,Bailey,Doc Scott, Fonz Del LA MOTA, and many more to come.........
Da Monkee would transition to Mista Monkstar in '04, Supa Monk in '06 , Monkz in '07 and in 2011 to "Mighty Monkz" . Playing all types of music like Dubstep, Drum step, Moombah, House, Electro, Minimal Teck House, Reggae, DanceHall, Hip- Hop, Salsa, Reggeaton, and everything in between, and specializing in DnB and Ragga.
Still partvLAB7311 bt now starting and reviving two crew projects Monkz has joined forces with Cydenime aka Flipcyde and JFRENZY to form B/\SS M/\ST/\Z

Also joining forces with 4 San Antonio JUNGLISTS. To form the new SA DNB CREW called >>>>>>PL∆TOON

MIGHTYMonkz is ready and willing to move the masses with his unique style, MCing over his own set, turning sets into shows. He will dance with you while he rocks the 1's and 2's. Be ready to experience a True South Texas Rasta Man Raggmuffin JUNGLIST!!!!!!!!

Mighty Monkz 's Mixes