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Professor Funk  (Region: - Chapter: North West)

In these crucial times that we live, music that brings us together and incites revolutionary thought is not merely a matter of personal taste, but a matter of survival. It is in this grand scheme of collective genius, Professor Funk offers new perspectives to connect the pieces. Music and the word have always been a part of the human experience. Professor Funk writes lyrics and produces music as an offering to the memory of forgotten songs, yet focuses on the moment, while steady pushing progression.

Professor Funk was a witness to the peak of the underground hip hop and rave scene in the late 90's in the Bay Area, and attended shows on the constant. It was from within these often overlapping musical worlds that he was influenced by some of the best Drum and Bass and Hip Hop emcees, that would prove so formative to his passion as a writer and performer. However, it was the vast redwood sanctuary of Humboldt County that would provide the setting for his transformation over the next 15 years into the go-to emcee for Nor Cal drum and bass, a proven party rocker for hip-hop shows, and a master of the written word. As a DnB MC, he's opened for the likes of Aphrodite, Dieselboy, and Danny Tha Wildchild. He has also shared the stage with hip hop artists like Dead Prez, KRS-One, and Zion I.

Far from a crossover, he's been combining drum and bass and hip hop since his earliest performances​ and recordings, specializing in soulful poetic lyrics in a multi-syllabic hip hop delivery, never stuck in a style or monotonous. He also brings in the melody with varying vocal styles, ranging from a sing-song style, and reggae inspired (minus the fake accent), to soul and experimental sounds. Equally at home in both the drum and bass and hip hop worlds, he has performed over 400 times, from small venues to multi-day festivals.

Also a talented recording artist, Professor Funk wrote and produced his 14 track album, "Now We Rise" before the beginning of the "Occupy Movement", yet it seems to eerily foreshadow the creation, and possible future progression of global movements for justice and peace that we see emerging in the present. Currently, Mr. Funk is working on what will be his first label release as a featured vocalist on a big US produced liquid drum and bass tune.

Drum and bass is a way of life for Professor Funk, and upon listening, you can hear that it translates to the way he creates music.

Professor Funk's Mixes