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ProppaBear  (Region: South East - Chapter: New Orleans)

DJ ProppaBear started DJing in 1990; in 1995 he started spinning jungle drum and bass, and the jungle beat have never stopped since. DJ Proppabear is a producer with no limits to his stylings, with a mixture of DnB plus electro sounds, made on old gear creates his signature sound. Starting out in the Midwest club and rave scene DJ Proppabear is one of the local favorites in the Milwaukee and Chicago scene and now also in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast party scene. New Years Eve 1999 DJ Proppabear traveled to play a show in New Orleans, and he was so impressed with the culture and the musical history of New Orleans he decided to stay. Now living in New Orleans he holds down the jungle event called BassBin Safari, which is now in its 16th year. DJ Proppabear's mixing style is bold and straight forward with aggressive mixing skills like Chicago house based: mixer and fader jacking, with hip hop battle style scratching he utilizes every style of jungle drum and bass to move the crowd, DJ ProppaBear will always bring a strong party vibe to the dance floor, and the underground club and rave scene.

ProppaBear's Mixes