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Subreaper  (Region: North East - Chapter: Boston)

Jeff 'Subreaper' has been defining his mix style since the turn of the millennium. With a solid dedication to the art form, Jeff secured slots performing at various venues along the east coast under, Marc Pastor, a name built from fragments of his name and interests.

Jeff devoted himself to growing as an artist through various means and methods. Taking on production in 2002, an alliance was formed with fellow Drum & Bass performer, Andromeda. The project resulted in 9 rough tracks that would cement a strong basis for future productions.

A hiatus from the electronic dance circuit in 2005 was taken to write and perform in various death metal and hardcore acts. The opportunity was perfect to continue fine-tuning Jeff's ears through recording and producing music for his projects and others.

In 2010, Jeff returned to the electronic sector under the name, Subreaper, and picked up where he had left off, producing, remixing and smashing dancefloors at every opportunity. His primary weapons of choice, a blend of neuro, techstep and vocal bombs. Joining the roster in December 2011, Jeff strives to represent and build the M.I.A. reputation in the Northeast.

Photo Credit: Evan Smith Photography

Subreaper's Mixes